A Unique Business Model

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High Grounds Cafe was founded with the express purpose of building a local Business as Mission model to demonstrate what God is doing in and through the marketplace with businesses that are based and operated on Biblical Principles. It also highlights what He is doing in and through businesses around the world that carry the Gospel message and transform communities. And more specifically to bring attention to the redemptive effect of direct trade on the coffee industry.

The worldwide Business as Mission movement:

Call to Business

Building profitable and sustainable businesses

Being intentional about Kingdom of God purpose and impact of the Great Commission with outcomes framed by a quadruple bottom line consisting of:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Economic
  3. Social
  4. Environmental

Sharing concerns about the world’s poorest and least evangelized peoples, i.e., the least, the last, and the lost.


Key in this context is the growing realization around the world of the failure of only providing humanitarian aid has had in alleviating poverty. For the most part, it has made the problem worse by creating a cycle of dependency and despair that self-perpetuates.

Affirm Global has stated it: “Charity will never end poverty, opportunity will!”